Certified Dermatoglyphics Analyst Program

There are a many trainings on understanding dermatoglyphics. The following course outline is a sample of what a typical course will cover:

Dermatoglyphics Analyst certification training- Certified Dermatoglyphics Analyst Program- Course Outline:

1. New concepts in Learning

  • Introduction to Parents- Teachers- Professionals Pyrimid.
  • Understand the importance of innate charachter.

2. History of Dermatoglyphics

  • “The Fingerprint” from Francis Galton
  • “Fingerprints & Palmer Dermatoglyphics” by Professor Edward DeCampbel
  • “The establishment of Dermatoglyphcis” by Professor Howard Cummins
  • “Analytic Dermatoglyphic Characteristics Program”

3. Scientific background of Dermatoglyphics

  • Clinical research related to fingerprints and palm
  • Case study

4. Fingerprint Classification and Characteristics

  • Whorl, Loop, Arch, and other accidentals

5. Fingerprint Ridge Count

  • Total ridge count in relation to neuron distribution
  • Neuron distribution of persons with learning disability
  • Case study

6. Neurophysiology

  • The fundamentals of brain physiology

7. The Application of Dermatoglyphics

  • Child Development
  • Business Strategies
  • Interpersonal relationship management