Identify Areas of Strength from Dermatoglyphics

Identify Areas of Strength from Dermatoglyphics

You can identify your child’s areas of strength by analyzing his/her fingerprints.

Right hand represents logic and reasoning

Right hand reflects the left brain, which controls knowledge, reasoning, and thinking.

  • Thumb: ability to manage one self; reasoning and self-control.
  • Index finger: logical reasoning, the ability to manage numbers.
  • Middle: ability to control fine motor.
  • Ring finger: language ability.
  • Little finger: observation, reading, and comprehension ability.

Left hand represents feelings

Left hand reflects the right brain, which is responsible for self-control and subconscious.

  • Thumb: creativity, interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • Index finger: artistic concepts.
  • Middle: ability to control gross motor.
  • Ring finger: melody and music; the ability to process and appreciate music.
  • Little finger: image, the ability to determine abstract patterns & visual sense.